Eagle Band Fees

Eagle Band Fees

We try very hard to keep marching band fees reasonable and affordable. Certain costs are unavoidable, however, and we offer payment options and fundraising opportunities to help keep the costs of the activity affordable.

Fees for All Members

Eagle Band Fees
$400 Indianapolis Trip, all expenses included
$400 Marching Band

$300 Band Camps

Student Activities Fee
$100 Student Activities

Total= $1,200

All fees are tracked through Charms Office
All fees are payable via FeePay https://edenprairie.feepay.com/ Available May 31st or by check via lock box outside of band office door.
$100 Student Activities fee and $200 downpayment due May 31st

May 31st $200
July 1 $200
Aug 1 $200
Sept 1 $200
Sept 15 $200
Oct 18 $200


Additional fees apply if your student is a first year member or needs new shoes.

  • Marching Band Shoes. Special shoes are required for marching. If this is the student’s first year in Eagle Band, or if they have outgrown their old shoes, they should get new shoes. Shoes will be individually sized before they are ordered.

$40 Due by July 10th paid by check to EPHS Bands mailed, handed in or in band lockbox.

  • School Owned Instruments. Students using School Owned Instruments such as bass clarinets or tenor saxophones will pay an $80 rental fee via check payable to EPHS Bands along with rental agreement.

$80 + contract due to (mailed to address below) EPHS Band Office by July 10th 

Mike Whipkey or Mike Okwabi
Eden Prairie High School
17185 Valley View Rd.
Eden Prairie, MN

Fee Payment

Student activity/ Marching Band fees and band camp registration fees are payable separately, at different times, and using modafinil methods.

Student Activity and Marching Band Fee
Payable after June 1st, 2018
Pay now




Marching band fees can be paid in the following ways:

  • Student Accounts. If you participate in any student account fundraising activities, money from your student’s account can be applied to marching band fees. To find out your student’s account balance, or to request a transfer, email studentaccounts@edenprairiebpo.org. You must request a transfer in order to use student account funds.
  • Pay by check. Please make checks payable to EPHS Bands. Checks can be mailed to:

    Mike Whipkey or Mike Okwabi
    Eden Prairie High School
    17185 Valley View Rd.
    Eden Prairie, MN 55346

    dropped in the dropbox outside the High School Band office (door 43).

  • Pay online by credit card. You may pay all, or a portion, of your marching band fees by credit card online through Student Activities Fee Pay https://edenprairie.feepay.com/


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